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the problem is

I’m just a cigarette

i’ll blacken your lungs and you’ll smell too much like smoke,

as if there was something burning in between your ribcage. 

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to redeem myself

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are the spn writers mocking themselves or


Supernatural Meme: Five episodes (1/5)
Swan song - season 5 finale

“So what’s it all add up to? It’s hard to say. But me, I’d say this was a test… for Sam and Dean. And I think they did all right. Up against, Good, Evil, angels, devils, Destiny, and God himself, they made their own choice. They chose family. And, well… isn’t that kinda the whole point? No doubt - endings are hard.

But then again… nothing ever really ends, does it?”


My crew is my family, Kirk. Is there anything you would not do for your family? 

The evolution of William Sherlock Scott Holmes.
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9x14, Captives